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Change the story in your TAFE

Understand how your TAFE can promote gender equality and contribute to preventing gender-based violence

Respect and equality in TAFE

TAFEs play a significant role in our community – they deliver education to tens of thousands of students, employ hundreds of professionals and have a significant connection to local workplaces and industries. 

TAFEs are key to Australia’s social and economic success. They have a vital role to play in creating a society which is respectful, equitable and free from violence.  

Respect and Equality in TAFE outlines a step-by-step process to support TAFEs in preventing violence against women.  Free, evidence-based tools and resources are available on this site to guide your TAFE’s progress towards gender equality.

Key takeaways

  • Gender inequality affects everyone and everyone has a role to play in promoting a fairer, safer and more respectful world.

  • As places of learning, work and community engagement, TAFEs are in a unique position to promote gender equality and prevent violence.

  • Working in a coordinated way across TAFE will bring about – and reinforce – change.

Supporting resources

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A whole of TAFE approach

Communications and key messages

Resources to support implementation

Training to support engagement

Examples of action in TAFEs

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