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Working in faith-based contexts

2 minutes

This setting includes places, networks and associations that are brought together on the basis of faith, religion or belief. 

Why this setting?

  • Faith leaders can play a key role in directly shaping respectful, non-violent attitudes and practices within the members of their faith group. 
  • Support individuals to act if they witness sexism or discrimination. 
  • Support and train faith leaders to understand and address the drivers of violence against women. 

Things you can do

  • Ensure prevention work reflects the needs of the community by involving all leaders and members of the faith. 
  • Support faith communities to address the drivers of violence against women by drawing on existing beliefs and practices within their faith community that support respectful, healthy relationships. 
  • Mobilise networks across the community to reinforce key messages about gender equality and prevention of violence. 

Resources for faith-based contexts