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Where can prevention work happen?

2 minutes

Prevention of violence against women work can happen across a range of ‘settings’ — or contexts — where people live, learn, work, socialise and play.  

Each setting has a big influence over the norms, practices and structures that can promote gender equality and respect and prevent violence against women.  

Stylised illustration of six people standing side by side with more people in the background. One person is in a wheelchair, one is a teenager, two are older people. The group is made up of men and women.

Choosing a setting

You may choose a setting because of the type of industry or work your organisation does, or where there are opportunities for funding.  

It’s a great idea to start a prevention initiative in a setting where there is little or no activity in your community already.  

What’s a ‘whole-of’ approach?

A ‘whole-of’ approach to prevention means that your strategy aims to engage everyone in the population, community, organisation or group that you are working with. It recognises that change is complex and requires multiple actions to embed prevention across all areas of an organisation, system, school or community. 

While ‘whole-of’ approaches are ideal and should be the aim of prevention work, they require time and resources that are not always available.

If you only have the resources to undertake a single prevention activity, or focus on a single technique, it is important that you understand how your activity forms part of a larger ‘whole-of’ approach across a population group or setting. The evidence is clear that one-off or single activities in isolation are not effective in achieving long-term social change. 

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