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Looking after yourself

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Discussing and educating others on violence against women or receiving disclosures can lead to distressing and unsettling thoughts and feelings for some people.  

Self-care is an effective way to manage and prevent stress and trauma escalating. Stress and trauma affects how you see yourself, others and the world. Your self-care strategies need to intersect across a variety of areas in your life. 

Things you can do as an individual

  • Reflect on what’s going well and positive about the work. 
  • Engage in relaxation, mindfulness and soothing activities such as going for a massage, walking or swimming. 
  • Look after your physical and mental well-being. Keep up your nutrition, sleep, relaxation and creative expression. Think of using humour, reading, or journal writing, for example. 
  • Spend time with friends and family. 
  • Develop an outlet for emotional processing outside of your work such as exercise, writing, building, gardening, family, socialising, singing, dancing.  
  • Engage in activities that are positive and that have concrete outcomes or products that foster a sense of accomplishment. 
  • Take time out when you need it. 

Get support from others

  • Assess your network of supportive people at work and outside of work. Draw a map of support people. Who can provide emotional, informational and material support?  
  • Ask for support and reciprocate and offer support to others. But don’t overdo it. 
  • Use a buddy system at work, especially if you are new to this work.  
  • Debrief with trusted colleagues in a safe and supportive environment. 
  • Get support from workplace and community. 
  • Access your Employee Assistance Program if you have one. 
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Self-care and wellbeing resources