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Become a male ally for equality

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There are a growing number of male allies for gender equality. At times, some men believe they are supporting equality and women’s rights, but perhaps they still have some work to do on how to be an ally. It’s a long journey for women to be fully equal to men. 

Evidence suggests that many men overstate their commitment to being an ally and are still doing less than their fair share, particularly at home. 

Becoming a male ally for gender equality means recognising male privilege and what gender inequality means. Engage in the search and implementation of strategies to tackle gender inequality. 

What can men do?

  • Acknowledge and reflect on male privilege and power and learn to live with this discomfort. 
  • Listen to women. Seek opportunities to hear women’s stories, acknowledge their experiences and inform other men. 
  • Advocate for women’s leadership and equality, for example, equal pay. 
  • Link men’s organisations to women’s organisations and groups. 
  • Consult with women and women’s organisations.  
  • Hold other men accountable and lead by example. 
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