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This website offers you practical tools for the prevention of violence against women that are easy to find and use. It’s designed for both people who are new to this work, as well as more experienced ‘prevention practitioners’. 

The Prevention Handbook website is an online version of the 2017 Our Watch publication Putting the prevention of violence against women into practice: How to Change the story (the Handbook). 

The Prevention Handbook is based on the Our Watch Change the story framework for the prevention of violence against women.

Stylised illustration of nine people standing side by side. They are a mix of ages, sexes, skin colours and abilities.

A work in progress

The Prevention Handbook is an ongoing project. It will undergo content updates into the future with the aim to provide the best evidence-based tools for prevention of violence against women. 

Settings and population groups

The five population groups featured on this website represent just a sample of the diverse Australian society.  

We acknowledge that many other population groups are subjected to multiple forms of discrimination and disadvantage, including girls and young women, women in the sex industry and women from rural and remote locations. 

Men in focus

Men in focus is a new landmark publication from Our Watch, released in November 2019. It is an extensive review of Australian and international research evidence on the topic, which aims to build a deeper understanding of masculinity, as well as providing guidance for those working with men and boys to prevent violence against women.

Learning and tools from Men in focus will be integrated into The Prevention Handbook in 2020/21. 

What's next?

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